The Maritime union has expressed dismay today that after all the disruption at the Port of Auckland the Port has returned to bargaining with little change in its position regarding security of employment and a stated determination to continue contracting out once the collective is settled.

“No worker in their right mind will agree to a collective which retains the right of the employer to contract out after what we have been through and with a clear indication across the table from the Port that they continue to want to pursue the idea,” Garry Parsloe National President said.

“The union in good faith continues to try to address the Ports key issues regarding rostering and utilisation and again today tabled a comprehensive new proposal.  This included major changes to the way overtime is paid and a willingness to discuss a wide range of additional issues.

“We have been continually trying to second guess what this Port really needs to get this deal sorted.  The only response we have ever got is that they want total flexibility in the workplace that overrides the workers family interests and that one way or another removes all employment security. ”

“The workers, customers and people of Auckland want this sorted.  They want certainty that the dispute is over and ships and freight will run smoothly again. The Port came today completely unprepared with nothing much to offer except their entrenched position.  The union has now agreed to meet again next Thursday and has urged the Port to have a complete rethink.”